From art and culture to sport and activities, food and drink to festivals, France have such a dizzying range of things to do that it can be hard to pick.

Close to Millau, you can visit some of France’s most famous cheeses as they…

The sacred, other-worldly residence of kami’s

In front of the giant torii, the entrance to Japanese Shinto shrines, most visitors are overwhelmed with awe. These enigmatic places of worship seem to conceal the utmost secrets in their interiors.

Shintō is the indigenous religious beliefs and practices of Japan. The word…

Watching dramas is an art. But when you think about how each person started watching them, they all might tell you a different story. We’ve all gone through it. When it comes to my case, I wasn’t very keen on watching something in a language I didn’t understand ( Korean…

One of the many modern literary wonders lost in time

An artist’s depiction of the library

When Alexander the Great pushed his way east, he did more than just create a Greek Empire. He also spread the Hellenic culture wherever he conquered. One such influence was the great Library of Alexandria, which is considered to be…

sam asif

An IT analyst adept enough to muse on any and every topic out there and I write sometimes….

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