Marketing Tricks People Fall for Every Day

In one experiment in the UK, a link to a tax form that could be filled out online produced 25% better tax compliance than a link to a form that was downloaded to be filled out and returned.

‘Shops often use a “ring flash” where strip lighting creates a halo effect — much like you’d see in those old-fashioned make-up mirrors set with bulbs. It gives a shadow-free reflection and an even complexion,’ she says. They say the camera never lies, but the truth is that changing room mirrors do.

National Geographic ran an experiment to test how the decoy effect influences consumers to buy a large popcorn rather than a small or medium one. To begin with, they offered the first group of consumers a small bucket of popcorn for $3 or a large one for $7.

The result revealed that most of the consumers chose to buy the small bucket, due to their personal needs at that time. As for the second group, they decided to offer three options: a small bucket for $3, a medium bucket (the decoy) for $6.5, and a large one for $7.

By burning their unsold merchandise Burberry maintained the over-inflated value of the products they sold, and at the same time increased the perceived $value for any of their future product launches.



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